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MATRIX 20 RELOADED. A beautiful, interdisciplinary project by design studio Matrix to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
In the past two decades, a large collection of scarves, serving trays, wallpapers and building exteriors has been gathering at the archive of the design studio Matrix in Basel. 2015, over a dozen artists, architects and musicians were invited to reinterpret and revise one of ten selected objects in the collection. Together with photographer Christian Metzler we received a carte blanche to develop a concept to visualise and stage each piece in the collection and produce a series of ten pictures for which I also did the styling. Besides the exhibition there will be 500 posters spread all over Basel a book and a sound performance.

It is always a pleasure to work with the passionated!

MATRIX 20 RELOADED at RappazMuseum, Klingental 11, Basel, Switzerland.

Exhibition from 14. – 28. June 2015.

Whole project and story -> here




Auch 2014 wird biquin wieder auf der blickfang Zürich vertreten sein.

Sie finden uns im 1.OG Standnummer 1.073 im Rahmen von CREATE! PF zusammen mit weiteren Designern aus Pforzheim.

Wir freuen uns!


Below some impressions of the amazing ITS finals in Trieste, Italy. An unforgettable weekend!!!

Here you`ll find the collection that brought me to the ITS finals 2014.

As a finalist in the ARTWORK category Swatch offered me the opportunity to depict and
represent their own point of view on the Brand.

My final piece was exhibited during the finals in Trieste and is now part of the artwork collection of SWATCH in Zurich.

More information about the ITS contest



“The ITS2014 finalists have been announced and I am among the 10 selected for the Artwork category! I am incredibly happy and excited! Now there will be an intense and busy time ahead where i will finish my Artwork  for the upcoming finals in Trieste, Italy in July. The Artwork category is sponsored by SWATCH so I will dive deep into the last 30+ years of watch design, technology and art. It´s going to be mega fun!
Check out the ITS and SWATCH websites for more information about the contest and see all finalists of the categories FASHION, ACCESSORIES, JEWELRY AND ARTWORK.”

Katharina Baur


“The collection is inspired by the movie Dead Man (1995 by Jim Jarmusch). William Blake, played by Johnny Depp travels into the western frontiers of America during the 2nd half of the 19th century.  The set design, the costumes and the music emphasize the surrealistic mood of the story.
The centre of the collection is the Bolo Tie. A type of jewellery which is deeply connected to the myth of cowboys and Wild West. Using the principle of the Bolo tie I developed a collection of seven pieces. Four necklaces a bracelet a ring and cuffs connected with cuff links.
The collection refers to the modern outlaw in the sense that he is a non-conformist who sets a statement with his way of life and style.”
Katharina Baur 2014


Model: Johannes Rave, Dennis Metzler



Catch a glimpse on the first pictures of the latest biquin collection!

It´s all about gemstones!

The whole collection will be online soon!

Big, big THANK YOU to our beloved photographer Christian Metzler! Check out his website and find him on instagram

We are on our way to the blickfang Copenhagen, very excited to present the collection for the first time to the public!

Hope we meet you there!

Necklace with ball chain closure and 20mm Aventurin gemstones

Bracelet with ball chain closure and 10mm gemstones Rose Quartz, Onyx, Aventurin

We also went on working with powder coating and created some fine, new rings matching the curb chain collection!


For the second time biqun will exhibit at the blickfang Copenhagen.

We will present our new collection and we are looking forward to be back in the wonderful citiy of Copenhagen!



Opening hours

FRI I 15th NOV I 2pm – 8pm

SAT I 16th NOV I 10am – 6pm

SUN I 17th NOV I 10am – 6pm


Auch dieses Jahr werden wir wieder auf der blickfang Zürich vertreten sein.

Dieses Mal im Rahmen der Initiative für Kreativwirtschaft create pf zusammen mit weiteren Schmuckgestaltern aus Pforzheim.

Wir freuen uns!


Sanft & sinnlich

Die zarteste Versuchung

Collier aus unserer Entanglements Collection in der GZ Live!

Online hier zu sehen!




Silberkette gehäkelt, rosé gold plattiert, schwarzer Obsidian.