MATRIX 20 RELOADED. A beautiful, interdisciplinary project by design studio Matrix to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
In the past two decades, a large collection of scarves, serving trays, wallpapers and building exteriors has been gathering at the archive of the design studio Matrix in Basel. 2015, over a dozen artists, architects and musicians were invited to reinterpret and revise one of ten selected objects in the collection. Together with photographer Christian Metzler we received a carte blanche to develop a concept to visualise and stage each piece in the collection and produce a series of ten pictures for which I also did the styling. Besides the exhibition there will be 500 posters spread all over Basel a book and a sound performance.

It is always a pleasure to work with the passionated!

MATRIX 20 RELOADED at RappazMuseum, Klingental 11, Basel, Switzerland.

Exhibition from 14. – 28. June 2015.

Whole project and story -> here